Hyop Woon Stolt Transportation Services Co., Ltd.


Introduce History
Jan. 1992 Obtained approval for the investment of joint venture with Stolt Tank Containners from the ministry of Finance and treasury.
Sept.1992 Hyop Woon Stolt Transportation Services Co., Ltd., was founded as a joint venture company between Stolt Tank Containers Ltd., and Hyop Woon Shipping Ltd. for tank container cleaning and repairing with the capital of Won 200 million.
Nov. 1992 Imported cleaning machinery for the tank containers(weidner machine) and commenced business(352-2 Jaesong-dong).
Feb. 1999 Made purchasing agreement for 1,206㎡ in Yang San to build cleaning station for Hyopwoon-Stolt Transportation Services Co.,Ltd.,
Jan. 2000 Completed Construction.
Feb. 2000 Moved to Yangsan from Jaesong C.Y in Dong-Bu, Busan.
Mar. 2000 Held openning ceremony and newly commenced it's operation.
May. 2005 Purchased land 2,399m² in Kwanyang
Dec. 2008 Purchased land 5.456m² in Ulsan
Nov. 2010 Commenced Onsan Cleaning station's operation
Jan. 2014 Moved to 12, Sanmakgongdanbuk 8-gil from 35, Sanmakgongdanbuk 8-gil in Yangsan
Apr. 2016 Purchased additional land 7,125.90㎡ in Ulsan