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The Angolan Legislation in accordance with Decree nr. 19/94 dated January 28th1994,published in the Statute Book of Angola D.R 20/94 on May 20th 1994 is effective as from April 24th 1994. The intention of this Legislation is to provide the Angolan Goverment authorities with accurate information with respect to the cargoflow to and from their country. All shipping lines calling Angola has to be registered with the C.N.C. Every cargo destined for Angola has to have an Import License and every Bill of Lading has to be accompanied by a Loading Certificate.
Stolt Tank Containers
[1] Stolt Tank Containers owns
one of the world's largest fleets of ISO tank container and maintains a network of depots in Europe, North America and the Pacific Rim. But, more importantly, Stolt Tank Containers employs dedicated people whose experience in the transportation of chemicals is unparalleled. Providing customers with what all-important felling of security, knowing that often hazardous and valuable consignments have been entrusted to a thoroughly professional tank container operator.

[2] Strict operating procedures ensure
Cargoes are loaded and delivered on time That tanks are clean and independently surveyed, ready to load That documentation is processed smoothly and efficiently so as to avoid delay

[3] Person in charge

Marketing Department
<Seoul Office>
Seoul Office
Y.J.Lee 82-2-3703-0783 82-2-736-2915 dom.lee@stolt.com
H.J.Shin 82-2-3703-0803 82-2-736-2915 shj@stolt.com
Operating Department
<Seoul Office>
Seoul Office
S.J.Lee 82-2-3703-0704 82-2-736-2915 olj@stolt.com
E.O.Kim 82-2-3703-0773 82-2-736-2915 ekm@stolt.com
"We'll always provide the best quality service for our customers." Please contact us anytime if you have cargoes.

Please contact us anytime if you have cargoes
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